Ques/Help Samsung LE32B350F1W Cyclic restart


Oct 12, 2020

Samsung LE32B350F1W Cyclic restart​

Good day! Samsung TV LE32B350F1W problem. Board bn45-00289a. Defect turns on, shows a picture for 7 seconds, and immediately turns off, and a cyclic reboot in a circle. Visual inspection of the board gave nothing. What was done, soldering of all the elements in order to exclude ring cracks, the TV worked after that for a day, then began to turn off again. Replaced all electrolytic capacitors, the defect disappeared for one hour, then again went to a cyclic reboot. I began to sin on the inverter, the inverter transformers are normal, one has 865-865 ohms on the shoulders, and the second has 854-854 ohms. I turned off the protection of the inverter through the oz9938 mikruhu by throwing a 510kom resistor on 3 legs and ground. Climbed into the lamps, everyone shines, not one dim, uniform light. He worked for about a day, then he started to turn off again .. it means that the inverter is working properly, there is no smart on the TV when the mainboard is turned off, and the TV is turned on, the inverter from the lamps sometimes cuts out, and sometimes they work, so the mainboard is working, the firmware is also working. I sin on bp, where to dig? All voltage is normal, when the TV is turned off on the bank, the voltage increases from 385 to 340 volts